First post

After playing poker full time for years. After have played millions of poker hands. This will be first time I will be posting blog posts about what is going on with poker grinding and poker studying goals and updates.

I will be focusing on low variance sng/mttsng/PLO mtt/PLO spins/PLO hu and some plo cash in private clubs

I will start with theses goals and increase them with time –

***Volume goals: Minimum 5+ hours 5 days per week (25 hours playing/week)***

***Studying goals: Minimum 7 hours/week (1 hour avg) (Will be updating on )***

Will record my unibet/pppoker hands on for later analyzing.

Some graphs of long-term results:

Last 700k hands in mtt’s/sng’s:

Last 77k hands in heads up games: